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Bending die grinding and reuse

Whether the mold you use has the following conditions: the mold blade is deformed, the blade is missing a depression, the V groove is worn, causing the processed product to be pulled and the accuracy to deteriorate.

Wear on the V-groove shoulder of the lower die

Upper die blade deformation

The knife edge of the upper die is concave, and the wear of the tip R disappears

Lower die V groove wear

Advantages of refurbishment:

● Reduced product strain and indentation due to wear
● Improve product accuracy and stability
● Reduce the scrap rate of products
● Save production cost

Special bending dies

Super glue R bending

Overall R bending

Simultaneous U-bending

Frame U-bend

Hat V bend

Step bend

Special 1V lower die

Cam type U-bending

Hinge bending

Hat-shaped U-bend

Vertical edge bending

Corrugated bending

Ultra-short side bending combined die

Multi-stage avoidance special bending step difference

W type one-time forming special bending

Hinge forming combined bending

Special deep U-shaped bending

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