Sales Manager


Sales Manager 面议
Department: Sales
  • Jiangsu Province||Suzhou City||Taicang City
  • 3-5 years
  • Regular college
  • Full time
  • 1
Description of position:

Job Responsibilities:

1. Carry out sales work according to the company and department sales tasks, and complete various sales indicators;
2. Analyze the existing market and customers, discover the potential needs of customers, guide the existing needs of relevant customers, and achieve sales goals;
3. According to the characteristics of customer needs, provide customers with the best product solutions;
4. Responsible for business negotiation with customers, establish customer relationships, and improve contract volume and profit margins;
5. Responsible for coordinating various internal and external resources, solving problems in the process of project implementation, and improving customer satisfaction;
6. Responsible for the monitoring and implementation of the project payment collection process, and improve the payment collection rate;
7. Through customer return visits, understand customer needs and potential needs to improve customer satisfaction and promote customer secondary development;
8. Other work items assigned by superior leaders.
job requirements:
1. More than two years of software sales experience, bachelor degree or above in computer, electronic information, and communication related majors;
2. Responsible for the management and maintenance of suppliers;
3. Have a sense of teamwork and strong executive ability
4. Responsible and careful about work, positive and optimistic attitude, strong communication skills, strong execution ability, and have a certain ability to work.

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